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released March 27, 2017

Recorded / mixed / mastered by Daan Nieboer at Cornerstone Audio



all rights reserved


18 MILES Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Spawned from the muddy and windy Netherlands, 5 piece hardcore band 18 MILES is raging with their own furious, hard-hitting twist of modern hardcore. Known for their pumping energy and positive message 18 MILES has been breaking stages since 2010 all across Europe.
With their third record “Revive” dropping, 18 MILES brings a new dimension to hardcore as you’ve known it.
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Track Name: Alone
I’ve already lost sight of the depths as I’m only half conscious, slowly sinking in
Reaching to bottom of the bottle as I turn half-full into half-empty

This is where it starts
- every damn time -
This is how it ends
The flame starts to flicker

Please hold my hand real tight, don’t let me drift into the grey again
I know you can’t see but there are eyes in every corner,
patiently awaiting ’til my strength to fight drops

Don’t leave me alone with myself, please don’t
Don’t flip the lights off, please don’t close the door
Don’t leave me on my own, please don’t
Don’t let the darkness crawl underneath my skin

This is where it starts
- every damn time -
This is how it ends
The flame is dying out
Track Name: Vulture
Vulture, drawing circles above my head,
Waiting for me to weaken to peck the flesh off my bones
Vulture, I feel the wind from it's wings,
I try to keep up straight but my head starts to swing
Vulture, I'm bluffing I'm not losing strength
but my trembling knees refuse to play the game
Vulture, take me under your wing,
Peck the flesh off my bones, give me your feathers for my skin

Vulture, have your ways with me
Trade your feathers for my skin
Track Name: Trapped
When you speak to me, be aware that I’m not there
I’m still alive, but only to breathe

I’m trapped (with myself)

Like a prisoner of war that’s raging on inside my head
- Me against myself -
living in a constant tension
Release me from “me”,
Release me from myself

While every night when I sleep I dream of dying
For I am truly blind for the cause of being alive
I’ve felt detached from who I chose to be
Ever since I’ve buried who I used to be

I’m trapped, I’m trapped
But is it me? I think it’s me.
I think I’ve turned myself
into worst version of ‘me’

Now every night when I sleep I dream of dying
Track Name: Coffin
I've dug a hole to hide it from the earth
But as I shiver you reach the surface again
I hear your nails scratching on the coffin,
Fed from my despair, growing louder every minute

'Guess that you were never dead but most likely on stand-by
Playing along, luring over the edge, awaiting to expose yourself
'Guess I should have been digging, digging so much deeper
Now that I can still hear you sing I should have buried "me" deeper

What do I need to kill myself?
Bury "me" deeper
The darker half is reviving
Track Name: Theatre
My hands are shaking as I hold this pen, full of angst
I'm just scared to write this down, but terrified to scream this out loud
When my thoughts roll off my tongue, I can not take them back
But the moment I choose to discard, I'm just lying to myself

I'm not the man I intended to be
- No -

Sometimes I forget we all wear masks,
For the lines have been drawn where in-between we must balance
The paths we walk are approved through an open script
The world's your stage, kid
Knock 'em dead, knock 'em dead, kid

But when the curtain falls and the stage light dims, nothings left but an empty room
So are we both characters, forced to take part in this lifelong play?

The flower; the flame; the hammer; the curse
They're inside my head and I need all to endure
When one polar's missing there's no push nor a pull
And I'm the ruler when for when they shine through

So I’ll just quit concealing it with pity poetry and metaphors and say it like it is:
Everything bad that ever happened to me was my own fucking fault.